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Name:Liberal Perspectives on the Day's News
Posting Access:All Members

This is a community to share and discuss current events, especially in the political sphere. The goal is to post a news article that is important, informative, and/or entertaining, with community members encouraged to discuss it in the comments. Anyone with verified membership in the community may post, and while many posts may have a United States focus, we welcome news from around the world, whether the focus is global or local.

A liberal, progressive slant is part of this community's ideology. There are plenty of places on the Internet for more conservative-minded discussion, but this is not one of them. Please be aware of that when you enter here. This is intended to be a safe space for liberals to talk about the issues amongst each other. Infractions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Community Rules

  • Be nice to each other. We're all bleeding heart liberals and we don't tolerate intolerance - from anybody. If you believe someone isn't being a good liberal/ally/whatever, remember that they are probably on your side and have a polite discussion about it, because they will be more open to other opinions that way. If you continue to have a problem, PM the mod.

  • No trolls allowed. Do not feed trolls. Simply report them to the mod and they will be removed.

  • Membership and posting are open. Only members can comment. Anonymous is off.

  • Sources should always be linked at the end of your post so that they can be followed and read.

  • Material does not have to be breaking news or even technically political to be posted. If you read an article talking about the history of public opinion on unions in America, go for it.

  • Original op-ed content written by you, someone you know, a random Tumblr, etc is currently allowed but should be minimized.

  • Long posts must go under a cut tag. If you know or suspect that your article will require scrolling, it needs a cut tag.

Community Operation

  1. Read something that makes you excited, hopeful, interested, frustrated, or horrified. Any feeling!

  2. Copy-paste any amount of text you would like to share. Clearly distinguish quotes by blockquote tags or other visible demarcation. Feel free to bold text for emphasis.

  3. Insert commentary, if desired.

  4. Include a link at the end of the post. Create a cut if the text of your post will require scrolling.

  5. Indulge in discussion, ranting, venting, etc in the comments with people who get it.
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